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Mother Working Two Jobs Needs Urgent Car Repair to Provide For Family

My Story:

We are family of four and I am the only working adult due to my husband�s health issues. We are active bowlers and love going for outdoor walks as a family. Since my husband got hospitalized with serious neurological issues, I had to pick up a second part time job and financially take care the entire family by myself. This has really been a struggle for our youngest as she has seen her dad go from being active and enjoying family to closing himself off to everyone.

My husband lost his job after he was diagnosed with very severe seizures, he can no longer drive or function normally. He has also developed anxiety and depression and no longer participates in family activities. This is very sad for us to watch. Since this happened, I have picked up another job to help with our monthly expense. I have a car that needs tires and tie rods placed on it and I don't have the money for this because we do not have room in our budget. We need Modest Needs help with this repair.

This funding will help me a lot because my vehicle is vital for me to get to work, especially being the sole provider. This repair will also give me peace of mind for my safety that when I am driving I will not break down in the middle of the road. I cannot drive very far right now without this repair. Your help would provide major stress relief for me during this time.

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