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Young Husband Had a Heart Attack & Missed Work. Pleaes Help Us Get Back on our Feet!

My Story:

I am a 36 year old who has been teaching public middle and high school for 13 years, in the same district where I went to school as a kid. My husband is a wonderful stay-at-home supporter of me and my love of my career. We have a rescue dog, Stella, who we love dearly, and spend a lot of time visiting with our parents, siblings and three nieces.

My husband and I have been very blessed to live within our means. We try to be smart but at 36 my husband came to me complaining of horrible chest pains. My school district covers my health insurance, but to add him to my coverage would have been staggeringly expensive. So we did the math and made the educated decision to go without, having spent years paying thousands and thousands in premiums seem to be worth it. Well, he had a heart attack, requiring two days' hospitalization, an ambulance ride, and two stents. My husband came out if the whole thing even healthier than he was before, and we are so, so grateful. But our total bills have skyrocketed. I work hard at my main job and a part time contract job doing curriculum work and now a third part time job tutoring but it's not enough. We need your help with one of our medical bills.

It is for our visit to the Urgent Care near our home that I took my husband to when he experienced his chest pains. If we do not receive assistance for this bill, it will hinder our ability to make the payments in the payment plan we have worked out with the hospital for our other expenses, not to mention the possibility of ending up in collections. Your help will give us some much needed breathing room before our first checks from new employment come.

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