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Help Father Focus on Health and Family By Assisting With Cancer Operation Expense

My Story:

I am married and support my wife and my wonderful 12-year old grandson. His mother died when he was one. On June 24, 2008, we found her hanged in her closet here in Hampton, Va. We have had custody of my grandson since then. I am 63 and work in a huge warehouse, but since my cancer operation in January without health insurance, I am overwhelmed by bills. My wife has COPD and still suffers greatly from our 19 year old daughter's death in 2008.

We have been struggling, living from paycheck to paycheck. The operation bills are now over $31,000 dollars and I just do not know how I can ever pay all these bills and keep feeding my family. I am still under doctors care but I am back to work on light duty. I am struggling hard because my physical health is not what it was before the operation, and i am worried to death about the bills. I also still hurt where the two surgeons cut deep into my left shoulder. We need your help with one bill from my reconstructive surgery.

This funding will relief some stress from our lives. It will allow me to get at least one big expense under control, and we can start to focus more on our family's health. We thank you so much for thinking of us and helping us during this time.

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