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Single Woman Helping Family in Jamaica Needs Rent Help After Job Loss and Relocation

My Story:

I am a single woman working in the USA on a J1 visa. I came here to work in order to help to make my financial situation better for myself and for my family back in Jamaica. I usually work in Georgia as a public school teacher and was able to manage on that salary, but with nothing left over to save. I am obligated to take care of my mother who lives in Jamaica.

I lost my job in Georgia in July 2018. I fairly quickly got another job in Mississippi on August 9, 2018. My move to Mississippi cost me any savings I had, which the school district did not compensate. Also, my mother who was hospitalized in the preceding months needed even more financial assistance from me. So month after month I found that my salary has been less than my expenditure. So I started borrowing from different payday loans companies. Now, I am in a worse situation than I was originally. I need Modest needs to help pay for my rent.

This funding will help to reduce my stress level and get me on good terms with my landlord. I am hoping to get the help of a debt relief program where I can get the loans paid off and then only pay an affordable amount per month. Your help will make a great difference in my life as I work to help in the lives of others in my country and also those in the USA. The USA is like my new home. I have been living and working here since September 2014.

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