Paid 03/28/2019
Homecoming Heroes Grant
Military Family
Imminent Loss of Vehicle

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeYOU give me hope. I'm a combat veteran suffering from PTSD. I lost my job on 10/13/18 due to multiple PTSD related hospitalizations. I've drained my account and maxed my credit cards and just this month had to walk away from my apartment because they were raising the rent. With your generous support I�m able to make my car payment enabling me to get to my VA doctor appointments but most importantly to see my girls. I�m still awaiting my decision for increased PTSD as I missed over 180 days of work that subsequently caused my job loss. But because of YOU I feel hopeful. For the first time in a long time. From the bottom of my heart thank you. Steve

Increased PTSD, Help Veteran Keep Car to Get to His Children and Doctor

My Story:

I am a father of 2 beautiful teenage girls. My oldest is learning how to drive and my youngest plays the flute at her middle school. They are everything to me and I am working everyday to be a better father. I'm a recently discharged combat veteran suffering from PTSD. I lost my job on 10/13/18 due to multiple PTSD related hospitalizations. I've drained my account and maxed out my credit card. I live on my 70% disability while the VA makes a decision on my increased PTSD claim.

My severe PTSD caused me to lose everything. After honorable discharge, my symptoms and how I handled them caused my marriage to end. I lost everything and my 2 beautiful daughters live full time with their mother. This caused a deep depression. I was hospitalized and enrolled in a program for over 180 days last year causing my job loss. Camp Hope saved my life. Although I have been hospitalized since, I am making tough decisions to put my life back on track. This month I am moving out of my apartment and in with family to ensure I can pay my bills while the VA processes my increased disability claim. After moving expenses, I need help with my car payment.

Without a car I cannot go to my needed doctor appointments, job interviews, or even see my girls. This grant will get me through this month and enable me to move and Aldo afford my reoccurring bills there after. This short term help will truly help me reach my long term goals. Your help will give me hope. It will help me to know that after 12 years of serving my country and 4 combat years, I am not forgotten. Thank you for anything you can provide.

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