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Need Help With Car Tow Cost

My Story:

I am a pre-nursing student trying to make a living and help my family back in Africa. I work two part time jobs and I hope I get to go into nursing school this year. It is my dream job.

My car was towed because I reversed parked and did not have a permit. Today is the first of march and I'm trying to scrape the little I have left to pay rent, let alone pay $300 to get my car back. I work at CVS and Amazon and the commute is 30 mins and 45 mins respectfully. I really need this car so I can get back to work and be able to pay my bills. There are no bus routes available. Without my car I won't be able to go to work, afford my bills or help my family who are relying on me from Africa. I really need your help.

This help will restore my sense of stability and my faith in humanity. Your help would make a long lasting impact on my family and we will be sure to extend our loving hands at the time of other's needs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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