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Help Couple Keep Mortgage Current During Recovery From Cancer Surgery

My Story:

My husband and I have been married since 2006. Together we have 4 children who all over 21 now and on their own. We have 1 grand daughter who will be 1 on March 1st and a grandson on the way, due in April. My husband loves to hunt, fish, and work outdoors on various projects. We share our home with 2 adorable little dogs, Trixie and Milo. I am an artist and love to draw in my spare time. My husband is a steel saw operator and I am a trade show manager. We love to go camping in warmer months.

Unfortunately we, like many American's live paycheck to paycheck. My husband was diagnosed with Prostrate Cancer in July. After several different treatment options that we've investigated, we have decided that the best treatment is to have a prostatectomy to remove all the cancer. After the surgery, he will be off work for 8 weeks to recover and through his job they offer long term disability, but only after 90 days of being off work. 8 weeks is a long time to only have 1/2 of your income. The bills are still going to be due. We need your assistance with a mortgage payment.

My paycheck alone will not cover all the bills and if this payment is made, we won't fall behind. The mortgage is due by the first of each month. If Modest Needs is able to assist, we should be able to keep everything current. The help from Modest Needs would make a huge impact in my husbands recovery. If he's worrying about the bills, it will take longer for him to recover from the surgery. I don't what him to worry about anything - I want him to focus on his recovery. Since I am an artist, my plan is to advertise my art skills to get some extra income and stock that away for emergencies.

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