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Veteran and Married Father of 3 Needs Help With Car Repair

My Story:

I am a disabled Veteran of the Air Force. I am married to my amazing wife of 10 years. I have been in ministry for about 10 years now and have ran men's and children's basketball leagues, as well involved in our church and mentor men, children and teens. I have enjoyed working at a recreation center at our church for about 4 years. My wife is pursuing grant writing and just started working with an organization on a contractual basis. We have 3 beautiful children, a son and two daughters. Our oldest daughter is currently in her freshman year, our middle daughter is a junior at an Arts Academy and our youngest is our son he is at a small private Christian school. We are very blessed.

We live month to month off of my VA benefits and small supplementary income through employment. My go to work truck is a 1999 Ford Expedition and is in need of repairs. I need this vehicle to be able to find job opportunities. This has been our better vehicle because we have put some funds into it to keep it running well. My wife does have a small hybrid car but she uses it for her job and with all the school functions and pickup and drop off. The upper and lower ball joints needs replaced and also is in need of a front end alignment and also one of the engine belts is loose and needs replaced. We are seeking assistance for truck repair as soon as possible.

This funding will help me to get the truck running again. We do go to church together on the weekends and have basketball games and other school events to attend as well as would like to use it to go to see our daughter. We do not all fit in the hybrid. We are hoping that God will bless us with a better source of income so that when we have the chance we may donate our vehicles to families in need when we are able to get newer vehicles. Thank you and God Bless!

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