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Lost Work Hours; Need Rent Help

My Story:

I am a 35 year old recent law school graduate who, until very recently, supported his mother with his two part time jobs working as a casino dealer and a Lyft driver. My mother is 55 years old and was recently hired to a full time job after having been searching for a job for the past 18 months.

As a full time law student, I was required this past semester to only work 20 hours per week. Normally, I use my financial aid refund to pay out my expenses for the semester. This past semester, however, I had to cover more expenses that I expected. My auto insurance premium, which I pay in full, doubled to almost $3000 for a 6 month policy. After I graduated this past January, I was able to begin working the hours that I had worked this previous summer. What's more, my mother was finally offered a full time job. We are working on catching up on all of our bills, but we are a month behind in our rent. If we could get some assistance with this rent, we would be on track to get back on our feet again.

Trying to catch up on my rental payments is causing me to overdraw my account. Today, I had just enough to pay off my bills without paying on this rental balance. With the oncoming income tax season, my income will increase soon but I don't know exactly when that will occur. Meanwhile the NSF fees are eating into the funds that I could be using to catch up on the rest of my bills. As it stands, I am working 7 days a week (4 days at the casino and 3-4 days driving for Lyft). I would be able to sustain myself just fine if I could just catch up with this rent with your help. Thank you.

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