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Please Help Family With Outstanding Emergency Room Bill

My Story:

I am a school teacher of 20 years who loves kids. My husband works in mortgage and sales. We have three children. Our oldest is 17 and is headed to college next year. She is in musical theatre at Harrison school of the Arts. Our 16 year old plays the rumpet at this school, plays lacrosse and works at Chik-Fil-A. Our youngest is 14 and had massive medical bills until the age of 6 but is now also at the arts school playing trumpet and lacrosse.

We have paid $253,000 in medical bills since we were married in April of 2001. This past year my husband�s job was full commission and did not go as planned so we fell behind on some medical payments. He is now employed by two jobs but we are dealing with the fall out of medical debt. We are requesting help with a payment to Bartow Medical Center for an Emergency room payment. The reason this is tough to pay is that we are still trying to catch up from medical debt from 2018 and then were slammed with more.

I have a severe immune deficiency and in this case had staph in my sinuses. I have been on antibiotics for 16 months straight and we are beginning to look into clinical trials because of the severity of the symptoms. The payment of this medical bill will help us as we continue to pay down medical debt and move ahead with procedures that we need to look at for hope of a normal future medically. We both volunteer at church and are as active with our kids as possible. We would like to see them grown, graduated, married, and get to enjoy our grandchildren.

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