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Please Help Us Keep Our Car After Income Loss

My Story:

I am married and we have a senior in high school getting ready to graduate in May. She is hard working and has a 3.371 GPA. I am an accountant, specializing in Manufacturing Accounting. My husband grew up in the country on a farm, we love animals. We have two English Mastiffs Sheeba and Zillea. We also have a lab mix that we have had for many years, Dharma. We like to fish and hike. We tend to only go where we can have our dogs as they do not like being left behind and they are very much part of our family.

I accepted a position with a company in March 2017. Right after I started I was informed that a publicly traded company would be acquiring the company I just started for. Part of my agreement was that we had to make a permanent move, which required my husband to sell his family farm. We did this on good faith believing that we were making a positive move for our family. We sold our farm at a loss and completed our relocation in April 2018. My husband found a job and has been at the company for nearly a year. He makes enough money to keep the lights on but I am the bread winner. In August 2018 I was informed that my position was being eliminated and my last day would be September 14, 2018. I was fortunate to have found a new job and I start February 18, 2019. My unemployment has now ended and we need a little help to catch up on our car payment.

This will help us to catch up quickly on the rent and other bills that we are behind on as a result of my lost income. Our hope is to not file bankruptcy. It could very well save us from going any further down this financial hole. Thank you for any support you can give us.

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