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Ankle Injury Left Me Out of Work With No Pay, Please Help Save My Home

My Story:

I am a divorced female with an 18 year old daughter attending college in Montgomery. I work full time but unfortunately am living pay check to pay check while also trying to help my daughter.

Although I work full time, I am hourly at $11.50 so I try to get over time as much as possible. Most times it is not allowed however. I was out of work due to an ankle injury in December into January. I was not able to walk, and had to take time off without pay. This put me in a real bind and on top of that I had to replace the clutch in my vehicle. I needed my car to go back to work, but this put me behind on rent. I need your help to catch up by assisting with rent.

I will be in a better position if I receive help because I am starting to work a part time job this week in addition to my full time. The car is repaired and the late fees have been satisfied to my landlord, but I still need a last bit of help to get all the way caught up. Your assistance will make a huge difference in my life. Thank you so much.

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