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Furloughed Contract Employee, Help Single Grandmother With Mortgage

My Story:

I am a single semi-retired grandmother. I help watch my 7 year old grandson when his parents are at work. I have four adult kids that are very successful. We are a very active family and love to participate and watch sports. I work part time as a contract employee for the federal government.

I am a furloughed contract federal employee. I do not/will not receive back pay. I had trouble paying all my bills while being without pay for over five weeks. I need modest needs help to pay my mortgage payment which I am behind on.

I'm afraid if I fall behind I am lose my home. This funding would help to bring my mortgage current. I am looking for another part time job to build a cushion so if this happens again I should be able to maintain my monthly payments. I would also like to help people in return. This seems like a wonderful program.

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