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Help Veteran With Car Repair Balance

My Story:

I am a 31 year old Marine Corps combat Vet and purple heart recipient. I am currently separated with two kids I had not seen or spoken to in almost a year, until recently, due to my current financial hardship and distance but I am slowly getting things back in order. I work as much as I can afford to and am allowed, which is rarely beyond 40 hours a week. Until August I was living in my truck after which it broke down and I was not able to work or afford to fix it. Another organization helped me to get another vehicle and I start working again. Due to my PTSD and the Traumatic brain injury I sustained in Afghanistan in 2009, finding adequate work is difficult.

I came to the New Jersey area in order to attend commercial diving school and seeking a chance at a lucrative, trade career. After graduating I stuck around in order to seek employment with a local company before venturing elsewhere in the US. During that time I was forced to take work in the security industry making bellow what I needed to satisfy my debt to income ratio. During all of this I stayed in an RV until I could no longer afford to. After which I slept in my truck and showered at truck stops. Someone eventually let me sleep at their place and that is where I am now. My truck is a 2006 Ford F350 Super duty. On July 25th I had it towed to a local garage due to it stalling and refusing to start. The shop contacted me and said that it was dead and that I owed them $813.70. I had managed $200 in payments but I still have a balance and nee your assistance with it.

This bill starts to accrue interest I will no more be able to pay it than I am now and risk further damage to my credit and possible civil liability. Funding for this would help to remove one of many barriers to getting back on my feet and being able to see my kids. It would also help to alleviate some of my stress and prevent more.

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