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Mother Needs Emergency Car Repair

My Story:

I am the divorced mother of an amazing 6-year old. She's bright, loving, and energetic. She enjoys gymnastics, swimming, and she's fluent in Spanish. I work full-time as a call center sales supervisor.

I lost my job in December 2017. It took me nearly 8 months before I was able to find employment. During that time, I exhausted all my savings and accumulated quite a bit of debt. I have slowly been getting back to normal but am still having some financial issues. My car, which I purchased 'as is' in August 2018 hasn't been serviced and I'm beginning to experience issues with it. All of the tires need replacing in addition to basic maintenance and brake pad replacement. My car is the only method of transportation I have for work and getting my daughter to/from school. My income covers my rent, utilities, groceries, and other necessities. I never have leftover funds after all of that is met. I simply can not afford another bill, especially one of this magnitude, at this time. i need your help with this car repair.

Without reliable transportation, I will have difficulty getting to work which could negatively effect my employment. Having a safe and reliable mode of transportation will give me confidence that I can get to work and get my daughter to/from school. I am doing very well at work and seem to be on an upward trajectory. Being a dependable employee will aid in my growth with the company, thus securing greater financial stability. Your help would make a lasting impact on my family. It would re-affirm my belief that there is more good in this world than bad - something I try to teach my daughter every day.

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