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Need Help With Autistic Son's ABA Therapy Costs Not Covered By Insurance

My Story:

I am married, for over 10 years, to my love. I am a mom to 2 active kids, one who love video games and arts & crafts. I am a stay-at-home mom, kept busy around the clock. We also have a Nebelung (a Russian Blue long haired cat). He is our first 'fur baby'.

Our youngest was diagnosed at age 1 1/2 as being on the Autism Spectrum. Since early intervention is so important, we began ABA therapy sessions (applied behavior analysis). We already lived paycheck to paycheck prior to this, but felt it too important to not do. And it has worked wonders! Jake has achieved so much and come so far, it is a miracle. Unfortunately, insurance and Medi-Cal only cover so much, and we have been straddled with an $18,000 + bill. We had therapists come in daily, for 3 hours per day, for almost 3 years. So the co-payments and deductibles added up. The actual total is made up of many, individual invoices over periods of time. The hardship amount I listed is one such invoice. We need your help.

While they haven't proceeded with any formal acts of collections to date, I am afraid at some point they will do just that. The funding would help, for I can erase one invoice and cross it off the list (and it would be the first one too, so at least it would show that we are making the effort). We stay positive (although it can be hard), but trust enough in faith that things will work out. All I can say is that it would be very helpful and would be a good first step in working towards our financial goals.

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