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Children's Father Passed Away, Please Help With Rent

My Story:

I am a single mother of two kids ages 26 and 28. Their father got fell ill unexpectedly 3 years ago and last year at this time his condition got worse as the flu season came and he passed away of respiratory failure. He was only 56. The doctors did everything they could to save him he just got too weak.

We had been divorced for 23 years but remained friends. We were his only family, he had no life insurance and I paid a portion of the room costs of the nursing home which was not covered in his Medicaid. He needed 24 hour care and he couldn't walk anymore. it was a horrible sad tragedy, and we are still dealing with the grief. His passing set me back financially and I need help with my rent.

If you can please help me it will give me piece of mind to not have to worry about losing my home. It will get me back on track and stop my landlord from trying to evict me. I would like to be able to even be able to make donations when I get back on track. I had no issues until I had this devastating loss that is still so fresh in our minds.

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