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Disabled Veteran Waiting on Benefits, Please Save Family's Storage Unit

My Story:

I am an honorably discharged veteran living with my fiance. We have 4 children, ages 12, 9, 6, and 4. They are very much all different but I love them all very much. For myself, I enjoy the time that I now have as daddy after serving 15 years of active duty service in the Army and Marine Corps. My fiance works full time as a Lab technician and I am a 90% disabled.

My fiance's income is the sole income in the household right now as my disability benefits will not be paid to me until September 2019. Therefore we are in a bind, as a family live from paycheck to paycheck and trying to stay positive until my benefits relieve our financial stress. My storage unit has many memories that our family has earned and I've had for years and it would hurt more than words can say if we lose it. Any help that can help my family contain and keep our memories would be very appreciated.

This will bring our bill current and we will not lose the memories we made over the years. My fiance also has 2 more part time job interviews that will restore our balance and give my benefits time to come in. Your assistance would mean so much to our family.

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