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I am so grateful for your assistance with my electric bill. Im trying to get my financial issues straightened out and the electric bill is completely overwhelming me. Thank you so very much for your kindness and generosity. Sincerely, Sandra Deslippe

Please Help Unsupported Single Mother With Electric Bill After Daughter's Surgery

My Story:

I am a single mom of a 23 year old college student. This is my daughters 5th year of college, she has a learning disability (brain speed processing), and it is taking her longer. She went to 2 years at community college and now is at Central CT State University and will graduate in May with a degree in Graphic Design. She's a gymnastics coach and just accepted a job for the summer coaching gymnastics at a summer camp in Maine. This is a good strategy as all her expenses will be covered and she's pretty excited about this job. I work full time.

My daughter's father has never met or seen her. His contribution to her support was court ordered child support of 90.00 per week and health insurance starting when she was 10. Prior to that he did not help at all. She turned 23 and he is done helping by law, and so our income dropped in September. We are buried alive with student loans we have not even started to pay. Then she needed a surgery last December. She has insurance but they did not pay any portion of it so I have a $2000.00 bill that I am on a 3 year payment plan for. My daughter works at 2 part time jobs but she barely covers her car insurance, gas and school expenses. I worry a lot about the electric bill because I am never going to get that under control. They don't disconnect me because I have medical equipment but I need your help to catch up with this. My job is walking distance and my car is old. I am trying to make it last, so any part time work I get needs to be on the bus route or walking distance. I appreciate your consideration.

If you can help me I would be so grateful. This electric bill is causing me a lot of stress, and your assistance will get us back on the right track for financial success. I worry I will leave my daughter nothing but a legacy of debt. Once my daughter graduates she will be able to work full time and will contribute to the household income. She is amazing and helps me so much, and I hate talking with her about money I feel like a parent should not need help. My parents are both dead now, my siblings have fallen to substance abuse, her father is not interested in her, and we have only each other. We are a good team. Thank you so much.

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