Paid 03/26/2019
Self-Sufficiency Grant
Imminent Loss of Housing
Temporary Loss of Income

Fully Funded

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeWords simply can not express the gratitude I feel that others have sown seed into the lives of me and my children. Losing a job is traumatic in itself and to know that perfect strangers care enough to give, for someone else's benefit, is the truest testament of God's love for his people. I found this organization by accident and wasn't sure if it would work at all for me. So THANK YOU for helping my children and I sustain our home. It's not just the peace of mine that another month has been secured but I can focus on the continues job search, volunteering in my community and staying actively engaged in the lives of my children instead of being stressed and overwhelmed. I'm excited that one day in the near future I can become a regular donor myself to Thank you again for your kindness and love! De'Andrea Jackson

Missed Work, Single Mother Needs Rent Help To Avoid Eviction

My Story:

I am a divorced mother of 4 children, two of which live at home. My son is a 7th grader at a new school in which he finally is thriving academically. He is the joy and entertainment of our household. School has never been easy for him but he loves the community and the friends he has here. My daughter withdrew recently from Johnson & Wales University because she was uncertain that the financial responsibility would be worth the difficulty she had with keeping up with her grades and trying to work on campus. She's a bright, insightful young lady who is now working on re-entering school at a lower price point. I work full time for a contract company and have no benefits or permanent employment but I sell eBay on the side to compensate my income.

I do not get paid when the facility is closed, we are sick or I have to leave work early or come in late for any emergencies. During the Holiday season I wasn't paid for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years. So that was three drastically reduced checks, each putting more pressure on that month's bills. Last week I went to Urgent care and was diagnosed with Acute Bronchitis in which the physician wrote me out of work an additional day for rest. I remained in bed for 48 hours without ever living my room because I knew that regardless of my bodies inability to heal quickly I had to return to work the following day after New Years. My ex husband is over $23,000 behind in child support, but since he is self employed the courts have not placed him in arrears. I really need your assistance with my rent.

his apartment has absolutely no leniency, they give you until the 10th of the month by 12 noon or they begin eviction paperwork and include an additional $200 court fee. My 7th grader is just adapting to this new school. I don't have anywhere to go or any means to pay for deposits and re-establishing myself after working so hard to get here. Your help will bring my household current and my stress level way down. It will also give me a chance to come back up to an even playing field with my bills leading into February.

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