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Medical Leave Left Us Playing Catch Up

My Story:

I'm a single mother with a very intelligent and polite son who's 10 years old. I work full-time for Frito Lay and have been dedicated to the company for 8 years. I'm a very hard worker and I give my son lots of love even when we were out on our luck. I love love love my baby boy! I just currently enrolled into college to get my bachelors in Accounting to better my child and I's future.

We currently live paycheck to paycheck so any unexpected bills or hardships that come along really take a toll on my finances. I was out on medical leave, which reduced my pay and caused us to fall behind. I desperately need Modest Needs help with my rental payment. I am back to work now and can manage moving forward but need help to catch up.

I have hyperthyroidism which made me loose a lot of weight and caused committing and weakness which kept me out of work but I received a radio active iodine and am feeling a lot better. Your assistance will take away the stress I feel and let me focus on keeping myself healthy. Thank you so much.

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