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Help Single Mother Pay Rent After Income Loss Due to Mental Health Issues

My Story:

I am a single mother of a beautiful and artistic 15 year old girl. We have 3 dogs and one cat (all rescues). We love to be silly and to have fun reading, going on walks, and enjoy nature. We moved from our home in IL to CT for a boyfriend of mine. It did not work because he could not get along with my daughter. She had been very depressed there and after being hit by a car, suffered PTSD. I was worried about moving again, but she is thriving here in FL. She has opened up, blossomed, and become a little more outgoing. This was great for her.

The move to FL was rough for me though. It took me 6 weeks to find a job and I have been looking for a 2nd job for a year now. I have incurred medical expenses due to my anxiety, depression, and now panic attacks. I have had to miss work due to this anxiety and depression, and I don't get paid when I miss work (I'm out of PTO pay). I also have some car problems, which I tended to, but the most recent one, they refuse to fix. Apparently, there was so much rust under the car, they told me that they did not know anyone who would work on it. I had to take it to salvage and now I have no car. I just need some help to catch up on my bills. I need your assistance with my rental payment.

My fear is that things will continue to get worse and we will be homeless. Your funding will get us back on track and I hope that it can give me a little mental ease. Maybe I can stop crying so much and gather a little mental clarity. It will give me hope. Thank you.

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