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Help Married Parents With Car Note After Job Loss and Newborn

My Story:

I am a married father of a 6 month old boy and 8 year old daughter. My daughter loves painting and math. I work full time as a business development rep for a company that helps reduce business expense on their operations.

My wife had a very difficult pregnancy, but thankfully both are healthy now. Our newborn breastfeeds only, but eats in such a way he has to be fed every two hours. My wife was working before, but is not working now. I just started a new job in May, just when he was born, and am still catching up from being laid off for 3 months of work previously. Please help us catch up with our car note.

This is the only vehicle our household has, and if they repossess it, it will be tough for me to even get to work and to get to any doctor appointments or check ups. Your help will bring us current and allow us to manage our monthly bills. Thank you so much.

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