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Family of 4 Needs Rent Help After Income Gap

My Story:

I am a married father of two sons. My 4 year old son loves super heroes and pretends with his little brother to take down bad guys. They are always playing together and have a wonderful bond. My 3 year old looks up to his big brother and wants to do everything he does. I am a part time USPS postal worker, and my wife is a full time receptionist at a health center.

I have had a small gap in my employment. We earn just enough to stay afloat to our next paycheck but we often have to overdraft to make ends meet. I am now a part time mail carrier but I get less hours because I am new. My wife leaves very early in the morning to commute to work in our only car. Every morning I have to find a ride for my kids to daycare when it is open at 6am and a way to work every morning if Im called in at anytime. I sometimes miss out on work due to lack of transportation. My wife has also been recently diagnosed with diabetes and has to take insulin which cost us $280 a pop. All to gather this has taken it toll on our family financially. I am now in process of joining the military to provide a better future for my family. We need Modest Needs help to pay our rent.

This funding will help us get back on track just in time for the family to spend Christmas together in our own home. I will soon be off to basic training which will provide the income to give my family a chance to set things right and maintain our expenses. Your help will leave a lasting mark on our family's heart which will inspire to help other families when we get the chance to pay it forward.

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