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Expecting Parents Need Rent Help After Relocation and Job Changes

My Story:

I'm a happily married soon-to-be father to a baby girl in February. My wife and I love God, enjoy working out, cooking, and spending quality time with family. I'm currently a salesman at Carmax and my wife works part-time as a Bird scooter charger.

My wife and I just recently relocated from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Dallas, Texas about 3 weeks ago for better opportunities and a better environment to raise our baby girl. Prior to relocating, I'd secured a position as a CDL truck driver, but arrived in Dallas to find out the offer was rescinded because they found a candidate that was already in town and available to start before we relocated. This was a major financial set-back for us because we had just enough money for food, gas, and pro-rated rent/deposit until I was to be paid for the position I got the offer extended for. Since then, we've been struggling to keep food in the fridge, gas in our vehicle, and are vastly approaching the date our landlord files for eviction. I did start working at Carmax but I only make $12/hr during the 4 weeks of training and don't get my first check until the 21st of this month. We need Modest Needs' help to pay our rent for the month of December.

We have no family here and as I previously stated, we're expecting our baby girl i February. This funding will definitely keep us from being evicted. We do have other bills that we're attempting to account for with the little my wife makes as a Bird Charger as well as my first check I'll be receiving on the 21st, but this will help keep a roof over our heads in the mean time. We've told the company we finance our car through our situation and they've been trying to work with us. Your help would pull us out of this hole.

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