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Married Couple Needed Rental Help After Healthcare and Job Loss

My Story:

I am a married woman of 22 years to a wonderful man born with club feet. He is not legally disabled but is disabled from birth. We have a beautiful 21 year old daughter together that survived being created while I was undergoing treatment for cervical cancer. I also have a son and daughter from a previous marriage. My husband has worked for a popular sporting goods store for over ten years.

We moved from the northeast last year to have change in our lives due to my nephew passing away at 17 years old after his third brain tumor. He was a St. Jude patient for fifteen years. Seven months later, I was my mothers hospice caretaker for two months. She had pancreatic cancer. We have borrowed from my father-in-law last year to make a go of it and created new loans. I also was terminated from my job, but recently gained new employment. We live paycheck to paycheck and hope that someday things will come together. We need Modest Needs help with our rental payment.

This help with rent will give us the temporary boost that we need to see daylight again. Even though we have numerous medical bills, we have good coverage through my husband's employer. We need to get back on track with rent first. We have to look for a more accessible rental due to my husbands club feet, but also my health issues. Therefore we do not want to be evicted. We have struggled through each others medical dilemmas the 23 years that we have been together. Your help would mean so much to us.

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