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Single Mom Returning to Work Needs Help With Car Note

My Story:

I am a single mother of an 11-year old son who just entered Middle School. He loves to draw, listen to instrumental music, dance, and plays the trombone. His favorite subjects are math and science. I work full time to provide for us.

As a single mother I definitely am living pay check to pay check. I had a temporary lapse in employment which caused financial turmoil. I begin working this week which will allow me to continue to pay our bills moving forward but I have had quite a bit of monthly expenses to catch up on. I am currently seeking assistance with paying a past due car note that is needed for me to continue to get to my place of employment.

The funding will help to bring my car payments back current and avoid the threats of repossession. I have several other expenses that I am getting caught up on and this will help me get fully caught up. I am grateful for the assistance that Modest Needs makes available for many. I have determined that I WILL become a contributor to this organization in the near future. I realize, that the person that is helping today could very well be the same individual that can be positioned to turn around and be a major contributor to this effort.

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