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Transitioning between Jobs, Help Single Man Keep Car

My Story:

I am a single guy from Dayton, Ohio. I currently work full time as a delivery driver, which is a change of pace from the warehouse industry. I like to stay focused on important goals to build togetherness and expand possibilities.

I worked for a great company, making great money, but was let go recently. I've taken a few jobs as a delivery driver to supplement my income since then but it's been kind of tough staying ahead. I just don't want to fall far behind. I lost two relatives (grandmother 06/19/2018, uncle 10/31/2018) and that's been tough as well. I have fallen behind on some bills due to my transition in jobs. I need Modest Needs help with my car payment. Not making this car payment can jeopardize my transportation and can become costly when trying to catch up down the road.

Being current on my bills will make it easier while keeping my finances and income in order. I don't want to have to face repossession and all of those added fees. Your help would be a huge blessing during this difficult time.

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