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Mother and Son Forced to Move From Uninhabitable Home

My Story:

I am the single mother of one exceptional young man. My son and I are both attending college. He is in his Junior year at Western Michigan University and in addition to attending classes full time, he has been accepted into several internships. I am in my Senior year at University of Michigan Dearborn and as a non-traditional student pursuing my B.A. in Behavioral Science, I made the Dean's List and have been granted a Scholarship for this Fall and Winter Semester. My internship is at the Office of the Public Defender where I am assisting my Lead attorney in preparing a defense for people who are unable to afford legal counsel and are facing criminal charges. It is very rewarding to have this opportunity; however, it is equally challenging to carry out these last 2 semesters of school with a huge reduction in pay as I needed to find work that would offer the flexibility in the work schedule.

Over the past summer the landlord we were renting a home from was found to be a deviant, in that our home was not in compliance, nor was it up to city code, nor was he licensed to lease the home, therefore the house that we moved into in December 2017 was deemed to be 'uninhabitable' and we were forced to move immediately. Then, while returning from a trip to Arkansas, where Walmart is the headquartered, and is the client for the business which I was working, I was accosted by a person under the influence of drugs, held at gunpoint for just over a week, who took over my bank account and vehicle. He was captured and arrested by police in Arkansas and on August 31st I was free to return home, to a home that I needed to move out of with all the money in my account still not replaced by bank. I now need Modest Needs help with my car payment which is severely overdue.

This funding will allow me to keep my vehicle to get to class and graduate with Distinguished honor in April. It will allow me to take the challenge to begin work in a field that is in dire need of innovative thinking; like what Modest Needs is and does. Your help would be a huge blessing to my family and allow us to move on to a stable environment and finish our education which then will provide a better life for us.

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