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Help Single Woman Avoid Car Reposession

My Story:

I am a single 61 year old woman. I worked as a legal assistant for 7 years until the Attorney passed away unexpectedly leaving me unemployed. I suffered through 5 losses last year, never recovering from the one before when another happened.

After becoming unemployed due to the unfortunate death of the attorney I worked for, I was unable to find a job for a while. I took on 2 part time jobs, delivering for Uber Eats, and the other a retail job. I could not make my monthly bills though, so I fell behind on car payments and rent and eventually lost my apartment. I started becoming depressed and hit rock bottom. I have finally been very fortunate to find a job making enough money to pay my monthly bills and found another apartment, so I feel I am getting back on track with my life again. I need Modest Needs help with my car payment.

Once I get caught up on these payments I can move forward with my life and continue working and making my monthly bills. This funding will allow me to be able to continue in my present job and being able to remain current on my monthly bills. I know that by relieving this constant stress of trying to figure out how to get caught up on this bill, my life will turn around immensely and I can get back to being my self again.

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