Paid 12/25/2018
Self-Sufficiency Grant
Imminent Loss of Vehicle
Urgent Dental Care

Fully Funded

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeI want to thank each and everyone of you for the donation you have made to my son and I! No one has ever helped us so there�s really no words to explain how greatfull I am that there are people out there willing to help us! Seeings you don�t know me or my son makes this mirical even brighter! My life flipped upside down so fast, and thanks to all of you I have a chance to pull myself out of this. Again thankyou so so very much! I will definitely be paying this forward as soon as I�m back up on my feet again! Thankyou!

Single Mom Needs Help to Keep Her Car After Medical Emergency

My Story:

My family consists of my 8 year old son and I. He loves baseball and soccer and has played since he was 3. His favorite color is green, has the most inviting smile, and better manners than most adults. He's the most caring and thoughtful boy, very well behaved with the biggest heart! Id be lost with out him. I am 28 years old and went to nursing school 5 years ago and have been working as an LPN since then. It is just him and I mostly no other family to turn to and with the hours I put in, makes it impossible to have friends. I love what I do and am proud of my little boy and the way I've raised him.

I have always been able to support my son and I, even when bumps arouse I always figured out a way to make things work, even through nursing school. This time, not so much, to many things came up at once and I just couldn't do it. It started with waking up one day finding my fiance; all his belongings gone with a week until all bills were due. Soon after, I was forced to relocate due to the loss of his income. I relocated using every dime I had saved for the deposit and moving expenses. My mom was needing to relocate herself so to make it easier on the both of us we agreed to share the lease and move closer to my little brother for multiple reasons. However, she isn't able to move until November so I have had to cover her portion since we moved in in June. Along with relocation fees, deposit, and her portion of rent, I also have had a sever case of shingles and two major tooth infections resulting in extraction of one tooth. This has caused pain and also time missed from work. I need Modest Needs help with my car payment.

If they take my car I can't get to work, pick my son up, or get to appointments. I can't take the bus to work because I do agency nursing so I'm never in the same spot, sometimes I go house to house. Your help will get my car out of collection and bring our major bills current giving me a chance to breath first. It will give me a chance to work on my budget without the headache along with getting my son some winter clothes and shoes. There are so many different ways this funding would help my son and I physically and mentally. I have no words for how thankful I would be for your assistance.

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Application Status Update: On 2018-12-28, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $1,235.59 to Mazda Capital Services on behalf of this deserving individual.