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Help Family of 5 With Rent After Hurricane Michael

My Story:

I am a wife and mother of 3. Our family relocated to Panama City Beach last year along with our a chocolate lab named Coco. She has learned to swim in the bay and loves getting wet. Our daughter is 15 and an avid animal activist. She would bring almost any type of animal home if I allowed her. My husband and I have been together for 17 years.

Our family is currently displaced due to hurricane Micheal. My husband works for Walmart and was able to return to work on Saturday 10/13/18 to help the store recover. His store is currently running on a generator so we send in food to feed 50 people at his work. I recently ended a travel RN position in Indiana and was in the process of interviewing at Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center. My interview was scheduled for the day of the hurricane, so I am currently not working, and have no way to apply for a position as both hospitals in Panama City were heavily damaged. We do not have renters insurance, so I will still have to pay rent and replace all the food we have lost. At this time our home does not have power or running water and we have a place to stay until Monday. We are worried if we can not pay rent we will be evicted and have no place to go. We need Modest Needs help with our next rental payment.

We do not have very good credit so it will be nearly impossible to find a place to live if we get thrown out. Your assistance will help us cover the rent payment so we will have an additional 30 days to help our city rebuild and for me to find a permanent facility to return to work. Thank you so much.

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