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Mother Fighting Cancer Needs Kitchen Repair After Black Mold and Leak Was Found

My Story:

I am a mom who raised two amazing children who are out on their own in the world. One just got married over the summer and the other has dreams of being a teacher. They have made me prouder than any mom could ever ask for. It hurts me to have them see me in such dire situations. I live with my husband who I was separated from for many years, he moved back in to try to help me with expenses and my illness. We have a dog and a cat. I was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago and am disabled on social security and he works for a taxi company as a dispatcher.

We are struggling very badly as they are now planning to take $134 out of my disability and he was sick with pneomonia for the last week. We try so hard to cut back and something always happens that spirals it all out of control. My kitchen ceiling began leaking which continued to get worse and worse. When a place came to open the ceiling to see what problem was they found the insulation was filled with black mold and soaking wet. The damage was way worse than we thought. The roof had to be redone over the kitchen first, we had no choice and that cost us $1500. We now need insulation, new sheetrock and paint to repair the damage, or I will have no insulation in my kitchen with winter coming. We need Modest Needs help with this repair.

I have cancer and I am in the middle of chemotherapy treatments. Finding black mold in the kitchen was really bad for my health. If we receive this funding it will help us beyond words. We just need a break from all this going on. Your help will give us a safe and warm kitchen, and me a healthier living situation as I fight cancer. Our emergency funds are what we used for the roof but there is nothing left to use to fix the rest of the damage now. I always taught my kids to pay-it-forward, be kind and this help would show them that people really do care about others. I was always a giving person and just once I would like them to see someone kind giving back to me in this dire situation. I just want to be able to continue my treatments and know I am living in an enviornment that isn't causing my health more damage. Please help us.

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