Paid 12/28/2018
Self-Sufficiency Grant
Imminent Loss of Vehicle
Temporary Loss of Income

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeAs I sit here and try to type up a proper 'Thank You' note to the amazing human beings who have funded our call for help, I am overwhelmed and teary. A lot has happened since we filed the application, we could have never known that the deadliest wildfire in California history would destroy the homes of so many close friends, teaching peers, and former students. The morning of November 8th was probably the scariest day of my husband and myself adult life. Richard was safely at work in the Yuba Foothills (an hour from Paradise), while I began getting worried messages from friends on Facebook, who did not know he no longer worked for Paradise Unified, that his new job was in the Yuba Foothills above Marysville. I quickly jumped online to figure out what they were talking about and then realizing how fast the fire was moving, began to text our friends who lived and worked in Paradise, telling them to 'please leave now, it's moving VERY fast, please do no risk it and come to us, bring the critters, everyone is welcome. Richard doing the same frantic texting and calling from work, he made contact with one of his best friends and mentors, the band director from Paradise High School and told him that he and his family (and all their critters) were welcome in our home. We knew for a fact we did not have it in our budget to help, but we knew none of that mattered when your friends are running for their lives. It was a tense few hours while many of our friends sat stuck in traffic with flames all around them. We all cried tears of joy each time another group of friends would post they were safe, their escape stories are stomach churning. Our friends family, finally reached our home after spending several horrifying hours on the road and we could be with them as they learned everything they had built up in their lives was gone in an instant. They have since gotten their feet under them, found a home to rent, and are working on finding a new path forward, we are blessed to get to foster their pups while they make long-term plans. Since the fire broke out, the entire region, and so many from around the country, have stepped up to support the thousands of fire survivors and it has been truly humbling to watch. I will admit, I had a much more pessimistic attitude about humanity prior to this fire. People had seemed so angry and so unwilling to see the humanity in those around them. Yesterday, we got the notification that our application for help had been funded and we both just sat down and cried. We have been working so hard to keep our car but getting caught up was out of our reach as only being able to pay an extra $5-$10 on an outstanding balance of several months was all we could do. We are both so humbled, that so many people would sacrifice their own financial resources to help us get back on track. Our experiences with Modest Needs and the fire have complete reaffirmed our faith in humanity, that even if we each only have a little bit to give, it still matters. We are setting goals as a family to do a service project each month in our community for this coming year. We want to model giving back and investing in your neighbor to our children. Thank you for helping us, and honestly, helping to reaffirm our faith in humanity even more.

Please Help this Teacher's Family Keep Their Car After Income Loss

My Story:

I am the wife of an amazing Elementary/Middle School band and choir teacher. We have three boys, ages 13, 11, and 8 who are all heavily into Scouting. We also have 2 dogs, who are the constant companions of those three boys. I am a stay at home mother, taking care of my terminally ill mother and developmentally delayed adult sister.

Over the past few years, the cost of our health care premiums has risen sharply and the school districts just aren't keeping up with what they contribute. As a result, we've gone from being able to just get by to choosing what we pay each month based on urgency. We have no savings and over the summer, my husband switched school districts and we went two months without pay. He did his best to work over the summer at an auto parts store, but it just wasn't enough to pay all the bills. We had to let our car payment slide in order to continue to buy groceries and keep the lights on.mWe are asking for assistance catching up on our car payment. We are a single car family and it would be devesting to us to lose our car. We live in a rural area, and my husband travels between 5 school sites during the week.

This funding will bring our car payment up to date and relieve the constant stress of worrying about the car being repossessed. My husband is working to get on the list to become an independent studies teacher after school, this additional income would allow us to save a little bit each month so we have an emergencies fund. I am looking for part time work that is flexible enough to work around my schedule of getting my mother to dialysis and her medical appointments while working around my sister's medical appointments and day program. Your help would be a huge blessing to our family.

As of 2018-12-28, this application has been fully funded!

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Application Status Update: On 2019-01-02, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $825.36 to GM Financial on behalf of this deserving individual.