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Miltary Veteran Needs Rental Help After Job Loss

My Story:

I am single veteran of the United States Army. I moved to Chicago in March after graduating college with a bachelor degree in Criminal Justice and minor in sociology. I currently got offered a job as a national account manager for a logistics company.

I moved to Chicago for a new job right after graduating college in March but lost the job due to miscommunication on company policies. As a result, I have been living on my savings to pay my bills and have run out of money to cover my rent. I need help to catch up on past rent due to this job loss. My landlord has been working with me to pay back past rent but at this point, she needs the balance or I need to move out. I will be able to afford my monthly bills with my new job, but I need your help to catch up now.
This funding will enable me to keep a roof over my head as I do not have any family members in Chicago to live with if I am evicted. Your help would allow me to get back on my feet and create a bright future for myself.

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