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Recently Discharged Veteran Needs Help With Car Payment During Transition

My Story:

I am a recently Discharged Veteran with 2 boys and a fianc�. I just recently moved back to Atlanta where I was born and raised, from serving almost 9 years Active duty Army. I have not found another job but am actively looking while I await my VA disability claim and to use my GI bill to start school.

Upon discharge, the Army claimed I was over paid COLA while being stationed in Germany the entire time. So the whole time on terminal leave I didn't recieve any regular scheduled pay check for the month of August or September. I also had to travel back to the states with no funds from the Army at all. This caused my regular expenses to become delinquent. I need Modest Needs help with my car payment.

This Funding will bring our household bills current and keep a valuable means of transportation. Your assistance would make this transition in my life a lot smoother and keep a stable environment for my children. Thank you so much.

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