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Single Mother and Student Trying to Better Life for Her Daughter Needs Utility Help After Court Fees

My Story:

I am a single mom to a beautiful and smart three year old girl. She loves going to dance class and playing with all of her dolls at home. I have worked full time at a car dealer ship for the past 8 years so I can support our family.

While I do work full time and can usually afford the things we need, earlier this year I had to return to court against my daughters father. Trying to pay for our home, food and utilities was very difficult when you add lawyer fees to all of my regular monthly expenses. Paying the lawyer cost me over $1000 and I sacrificed some other bills to make sure my daughter was safe with me and protected. I need help paying my past due internet bill. As I have said I am a single mom and I am trying to continue school to provide a better life for my daughter. I'm afraid If I am unable to get this bill paid and have our internet turned back on I will not be able to finish with school and ill be forced to withdraw from classes.

If we are able to get this funding Ill be able to continue with school and graduate in the next year. Once I graduate I will be a registered nurse and I can find a better paying job that will better support my daughter and I. I want to be able to show her that anything is possible. While I didn't expect to be a single mom, I want her to know that even if it is just us we can do anything if we set goals and work hard.

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