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Urgent Dental Care

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I Need to Keep My Car to Support My Family, Please Help Me

My Story:

I am single mother of three children who are 13, 9, and 3 years old. We love to spend time at sporting events, reading, and listening to music. I work full time as a call center representative in order to support my family.

I typically earn enough to keep us afloat month to month, but like a lot of people, I don�t have savings or anywhere to turn if an unexpected bill comes up. I had to pay some out of pocket urgent dental costs, which caused me to get behind on my bills. After paying rent and daycare, I have nothing left over for my car payment. I need Modest Needs� help with this expense.

I am afraid my only car will be repossessed and I will not be able to get to and from work, my kids to school or to doctor�s appointments. Your help will not only allow me to get caught up, but will stop any spiral effect this could have on my family. I recently received a childcare scholarship so I do not have any future expenses there, so I can afford to pay my car payment on time but need to take care of past due amount first. Thank you.

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