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Single Mom Needs Help To Keep Car After Emergent Home Repair

My Story:

I am a single mother of 1 toddler boy. He is the apple of my eye and my motivation to push and do better. I currently work 3 PRN jobs and am currently looking for another full-time position as the last one I had conflicted with me being able to get my son to and from school on time. His dad does not work and cannot pay any child support. He also does not help me in any way.

I earn enough to pay for our basic living expenses plus insurance and my car note but anything beyond really stretches my budget. I live on family property for free but with that, any repairs needed are at my expense. Some expenses are more than others, but the most recent came out of no where and at a very bad time. My bedroom floor is falling in and it has to be fixed in order to put my bed back in. I am currently sleeping on the couch as my son's toddler bed wont hold us both. The $800+ it will take to fix it has be in a financial bind. My son's dad does not work and cannot pay any child support. He also carried our son on his taxes without consent. I need your help with my car payment.

I need help keeping my car as it is the only transportation I have to get to the jobs to take car of my son and I and keep checks coming in. Taking away the stress of losing my car will help tremendously. Once my taxes are filed and processed, the lump will catch me up completely with everything. I just need to get over this hump and keep my car. Before today, I did not know this site existed. I will definitely help others as my finances allow it.

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