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Car Accident Caused Hardship, Please Help With Registration Costs

My Story:

I am a wife and mother to a 15 year old daughter. I work two jobs to support our family. My full time job is as a claims team lead at a local hospital and my evening seasonal job is at a call center for a major retailer. My husband suffers from PTSD and is unable to work and will be applying for disability. He stays home and keeps up with household chores while I work. My 15 year old girl is a former competition dancer who had to give it up due to increasing costs. She is an amazing young lady who understands we all have to sacrifice.

Back in June of this year, my husband fell asleep while driving and crashed into the woods with our only vehicle. Fortunately, we have full coverage insurance; however, we had a $500 deductible that we had to meet in order to get our car fixed. We are already on a VERY fixed income as my health insurance has a high deductible. We have to meet this deductible before even prescriptions are paid for. My husband has 1 prescription that costs us $121.68 a week. That does not include other monthly prescription costs. We would like Modest needs to pay assist in paying our vehicle registration.

Receiving funding from Modest Needs will help us get on track and pay for other bills, like heating oil costs for the upcoming winter months. My husband will be applying for disability soon and will hopefully be approved which should help in day to day expenses. Thank you so much for any help you can provide us.

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