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Please Help Us Fight Custody Battle for My Daughter

My Story:

I am a single parent of one daughter. My mom is in remission from lung cancer. We all live happily together and I work full time to support us as a home care assistant.

We are able to afford our monthly bills but live mostly pay check to pay check. I am in a custody battle with my daughters father. I have a court date on 9/18 and a payment for the retainer is needed for lawyer in order to come to court. My daughters father is trying to take custody away from me. I have fallen behind on bills because of this. We have paid what we can towards the high lawyer's fees but need Modest Needs' help with the remaining balance.

Your assistance with this bill will have the biggest impact on my family. It will ensure my daughter stays in the best environment for her, and allow us to remain stable. Thank you so much.

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