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Single Mother and EMT Needs Mortgage Help After Family Dog Was Ill

My Story:

I am a single mother of two young girls, ages 7 and 5. My oldest has a love of learning and and excels in school. She enjoys learning about stars and planets. My youngest adores animals and has a knack for spotting wildlife on our outings. I work full time as an EMT in the city of Tucson. We enjoy hiking, fishing, and swimming with our family dog, Sprocket, who has been such a vital element to our family. Her unending playfulness, love, and loyalty eases the stress of working in EMS and encourages my kids to be active and responsible.

We live simply, yet comfortably on my income but recently have been getting by paycheck to paycheck. When our dog, Sprocket, became critically ill, she needed to be seen by the veterinarian. She is now recovering beautifully and is almost back to her cheerful, spirited self. My finances, on the other hand, have not recovered in enough time to pay my mortgage. Without any savings, I am now having to choose between paying bills or putting food on the table. We need Modest Needs� help to pay my mortgage payment.

This funding would allow me to get back on track with my finances and begin to build a savings. As a first responder, I am used to answering many people�s calls for help. It is an uneasy and humbling experience to be the one in need of help myself. This will have a long-term impact on my family and show me the importance of maintaining an emergency fund to prevent another situation such as this.

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