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Family Needs Help With Huge Electric Bill After Job Loss

My Story:

I am married to a wonderful woman and we have one child. We also have a dog named Sophia and a cat named Gracie. We have brought in my wife's great aunt to live with us when she became homeless in Pennsylvania. We currently live in the beautiful state of North Carolina.

I had a full-time job making great money, and we got our bills paid. But that was about it. There was no room for extras, but we were happy. Back in March of this year I lost that job and had very little saved. Needless to say with no real saving and what unemployment provided we could stay on top of our bills. I shuffled around each month to see which one mattered the most. I finally got a job with USPS. That prompted me to take a second job at night which is minimum wage but I work 5 nights weeks. With the loss of the job and the extra person in the house, the electric bill skyrocketed for the summer. We need Modest Needs help with this bill.

This will bring our electric bill current and bring it out of final notice stage. With my Son about to start school our great aunt being disabled, we just can not be without electric and I have reached out to every place possible, The Catholic diocese, social services, Salvation Army. This is our last hope.

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