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Help Couple Turn Life Around and Stay in Their Home

My Story:

I am from Bucks County Pennsylvania and I've been working in Early-Childhood Education since I was seventeen years old. I have my associates degree and working on my bachelors. I am now 32 and I have evolved from a part-time toddler summer camp counselor to a full-time preschool teacher. I became a teacher so that I provide children a safe and positive learning environment. Something I never had. I am a child abuse survivor and wanted to make a positive influence on the lives of children.

Though we have always lived pay check to pay check, I have always been grateful for the life I was living. But, last year I was gripped by the disease of addiction. I developed an eating disorder as a result of once weighing in at almost 300 pounds. Instead of enjoying weight loss, I feared weight gain and fueled it with the use of stimulant drugs. For seven short months I lived a secret double life. I was forced to spend the little bit of money, my partner and I had saved on recovery and rehab. There I stayed 90 days and joined the Alcoholics Anonymous program. I got my sobriety, but lost 90 days worth of pay from my teaching job. We also moved across the country with our dog. My teaching job was approved for transfer however my partner resigned his job as a photographer in hopes that it would be easy to find him work in our new city. He has finally found work; however we are behind on bills and need help catching up. We need Modest Needs help with our rent.

In the A.A. Program I have learned to leave my worries in God's hands and to work an honest program. Today I am sober and working hard to be of service, no matter how challenging it may get. I am begging for your help so that I can feel, see and appreciate the positives of sobriety. With the help of Modest Needs we would be able to pay off past due bills allowing us to stabilize our lives. I know that we can get back on top. There is no one else to turn to, Modest Needs is my last hope. I pray that your foundation will consider helping me and my small family to rise above these hard times.

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