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Help Married Couple of 3 Young Children Keep Their Home After Husband's Illness

My Story:

I am a married mom of three. My oldest son is 12 and is working very hard to finish his last year of middle school with top grades and he loves playing basketball. My second oldest son is 11 and this is his first year in middle school. He loves science and wants to be a computer engineer. My daughter who is the baby is 10 and this is her last year in grade school where she has maintained all A's and some B's. She is a home body and loves to set in front of the computer all day. My husband works with Enterprise and Walmart.

I would like you to know that we earn enough to cover our bills on a normal month. I work for Progressive Insurance full-time which has been the main reliable income in the home since November 2017. My husband is diabetic and gets abscesses that grow all over his body causing him you miss work for days at a time in most cases. This has been on going since November last year causing us to get behind at times. We had to play catch up on other bills and it has not left us with enough to cover rent this month. Overall, I am happy to say he is getting better and had lost weight and we are all watching more healthier to cheer him on. We are asking for help with rent this month because of days missed due to my husband's sickness.

This funding will bring us back current with everything again and give us the peace of mind our family is so desperate for. It has truly been a stressful month for us and anything will help. Hopefully our savings can start being rebuilt within the next couple months when I am able to get overtime. Your help will be a blessing to our family and make a difference in not only our lives as parents, but also for our children. We definitely are not a family to ask for help but I am a strong believer that if you need it, it is ok to ask. We will most certain give back when able to because it takes a village. Thank you.

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