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Married Father With Lupus Needs Rental Help After Hours Missed At Work

My Story:

I am a married father and our son just graduated high school. We have 2 pets -Grover is a 16 year old lab/spaniel mix and Milo is a 2 year old black and white cat. My wife works hard at a dental office. We enjoy getting up early to watch the sunrise on the patio. Our son is working hard to go to trade school soon.

My lupus is one of a few health problems that I have. I deal with pain on a daily basis that at times becomes debilitating so I can't work. It takes 1-2 months to get it under control then I can go back to work. This happened at the end of June this year and we sorely need two incomes to survive. I will be going on disability but during this gap we need Modest Needs help with our rent payment.

Any help we can receive would be truly appreciated by our son, my wife, our son's with tails, and myself. We are also moving to a one bedroom apartment that is cheaper so we will get back to where we will not face eviction month to month. Thank you so much.

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