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Single Mother of Adopted Child Needs Car Payment After Pneumonia

My Story:

I am an older single mother of a beautiful six year old girl. I adopted her as an infant when she came into foster care due to prenatal drug exposure (methamphetamines). She also has autism. She is the sweetest, happiest child I have ever met and I am so blessed to be her mother! She loves to play soccer and hunt for bugs in the garden. Our favorite family activities are going out for ice cream, going to the park or the movies, and flying kites at the beach. We also have a big fat cat named Francine. She loves to snuggle with us and gives us great comfort. I work full time for the local county Human Services Agency.

I earn an adequate living for the area we live in, but we do tend to live paycheck to paycheck. We were renting an apartment but all the rent in our area was increasing terribly and ours went up almost $500 a month in three years. I decided to buy us a little condo to stabilize our housing payments. It took every penny I had but we did it. Shortly after moving into our condo I got sick and it turned into pneumonia. One weekend I ended up in the hospital and then I was off work for a month trying to recover. We got behind on our bills and almost had our car repossessed. This is our only transportation to work or school. We need Modest Needs' help with our car payment.

Your help will allow us to not have to worry about having our car repossessed and help us to catch up on other bills we are behind on like utilities, phone bill, and HOA dues. I am applying for a (long overdue) promotion with the support of my supervisor that will increase my income so that we have more of a financial cushion for emergencies, especially now that our housing payment is stable. Your assistance would make a huge difference for my little family and set a wonderful example for my child that communities help each other in times of need. As a public servant and volunteer I dedicate myself to helping those who are less fortunate, and now I humbly ask for assistance myself. Thank you very much for your consideration.

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