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Teacher, Mother, and Grandmother Needs Your Help to Save Her Home

My Story:

I live in an apartment with my adult son that suffers from depression. He has a 2 year old son with autism. My constant effort is to support my family and help my son lead a positive life and support his son. I teach High School Chemistry and in the summer I work part time jobs to make ends meet.

This year I was sick and hospitalized 2 times due to Super Ventricular Tachycardia. After each episode I am very weak and cannot work. Due to this I fell behind financially. I am working summer school now and will return to work full time in August. I need your help to get caught up with my rental payment.

Help from Modest Needs will allow me to be able to stay in my apartment and not be evicted. I do not have anywhere else to turn and I cannot fathom the idea of being evicted with a 2 year old child. Please help us.

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