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College Student Trying to Better Life Needs Your Help With Rent

My Story:

I am a 21 year old college student pursuing a degree in Finance. I am very optimistic and enthusiastic with my major as I was originally going to school for education. I have a 1 year old puppy that I love spending time with outside. I also love reading, exercising and looking for ways for self improvement.

I have been unemployed recently but have been searching for a reliable full time job since January. I recently was hired full time at a bank and I start the 23rd. I was living with my boyfriend of 6 years in our apartment but we parted ways due to my unemployment. Since he is no longer with me, I have struggled tremendously paying bills since then. I have been paying my rent with a student refund from school but that money is not available to me because I dropped classes due to switching my major. I now need Modest Needs to catch up with me rent.

Your help will provide relief of the temporary mess I put myself into. I plan with my new job to be able to save for future emergencies. With my experience in school in finance, I plan on properly budgeting my income from this job to prevent this from happening ever again. Thank you so much.

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