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Couple Needs Your Help To Catch Up After a Death Followed By Job Loss

My Story:

I am a college student studying chemistry who likes to read and make people happy. My spouse is a hardworking man that recently lost his mother to cancer. I just started working full time again in a casino and he works in a warehouse.

We earned enough to pay all our expenses but when my spouses mother got sick he took a leave from work and the financial responsibility went all on me. Then my job cut back hours and eventually cut the position. This caused us to fall behind on rent. I just started working full-time at the casino but we already have the eviction notice and I will not get my check in time. We need Modest Needs� help with our rent.

This funding would help us greatly to catch up on payments. We would be truly grateful. The stress we constantly feel is taking a toll on us, especially on top of the loss of y husband�s mother. Your help would allow us to regain stability.

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